Personal Training Plan for Entrepreneurs and Athletes
Build an effective workout plan that'll build 2 - 10 lbs of muscle per year with ≤ 4 hours per week.
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As aspiring entrepreneurs and athletes, your time is money. That's why I made this strategy session so we can carefully plan out your best workout strategies, meal plans, and preps for busy work days or practice with the team!

Topics Included:
Our strategies work like no other...
I run through EVERYTHING you'll ever need for your workout plan. Improve your sprinting speed, your reaction time, your muscle mass, your lifting strength, and anything else you need for your fitness journey!

Here, you aren't just a customer or someone we consult. We give you valuable information even during this free situation because we CARE. We want to help you, and we'll try our best to, always!
About The Host
Hi there! My name's Maverick, and I'm a calisthenics and bodybuilding athlete. I used to be depressed, 240lbs, and wishing nothing more than just to waste awya. Now, I'm here to inspire and influence anybody possible.
Maverick Ryder
Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Bodybuilding Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Coach
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