Making The World a Bit More Inclusive For LGBTQIA+ and POC Students

For years, we’ve been told that we need to stand down as minorities. Now is the time we stand together, in solidarity, and choose not to back away. The only people who govern our bodies is us, and us alone.

Physical and Mental Health

Blog posts and emails that directly tell you how to improve your mental health, phsyical health, get new job oppurtinities, and more as a minority in modern day america.

Nearby Events and Activism

Weekly – biweekly reminders and information on nearby parades, events, celebrations, and activism happening near you! Join the movement against violence and hate, and into love and appreciation. 

Join Our Movement Today

We keep raising our voices, and yet we’re never heard. Alone, our voices will never be acknowledged nor heard. However, together, by joining this movement, we can all make a different in how not only we grow up, but how our next of kin lives in a world often so hateful, racist, and homophobic. 


If we can work to make a better tomorrow, we can strive to make a better today. Join us today, and become one of the many people on this loving journey. 

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