Educational Enigma: How To Become A Genius

Education Programs: Become A Genius Today.

One of the most important parts of self-help culture is education. The more we learn, the more powerful we feel. Education powers the world, therefore, in order to power the world ourselves, we need education. Luckily, there’s plenty of programs out there for our purposes. Read more to find out!

    Education powers the world. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the education I received as I grew up to this point. You wouldn’t be able to read the pages displayed on this blog if it weren’t for the education that you received. That’s why it’s often a shame that many self-improvement and self-help channels usually don’t discuss the value of channeling your mind. In this content analysis, we’ll be looking through the best sources of modern-day education for self-improvement and overall knowledge. 

1. Books and Audiobooks

    Yes, I know; reading a book can be incredibly boring and an incredibly large waste of time. However, there are some books out there that can really help to broaden your knowledge on topics you never even knew you had a passion for. Economics, medicine, social media, coding, even engineering can all be found within the confines of these books.

    However, if you really struggle with following alongside a boring book read, there are plenty of resources that you can use to help this. My personal favorite, Audible, has plenty of online audiobooks that you can read and manage for whatever time you consider best. Audible has thousands of books in their catalog, each brimmed to the top with knowledge and insight beyond their years. Any topic you can imagine is found within these vast online libraries. In addition, there’s a 30 day free trial starting from when you first activate your program. Sign up today at

Yes, I know; you’ve heard of Audible a million times. However, I think Audible and many sites like it serve a very valuable cause for our education. They’re quick, inexpensive, easy to manage, and can be read anywhere, even on a car ride or plane ride! They’re an excellent resource for quick and efficient knowledge, which is essential in improving ourselves. All in all, they’re pretty great to go alongside real books as well, as Audible can be very inexpensive as compared to buying each book individually. 

2. Courses

    When I’m talking about courses, I don’t mean some rip-off amazon business clone that pays 50 dollars a month for information that can be found offline, (no offense Hustler’s University). No, I mean actual courses from real experts in their field. MasterClass, Coursera, and Skillshare are excellent resources for this.

    For this blog, I’ll mainly be going into two programs: Coursera and Skillshare. Whilst MasterClass is also excellent and provides a wide variety of content, I believe Skillshare and Coursera are less self explanatory than MasterClass is. In addition, I have experience with Coursera and Skillshare to a degree of which I don’t with MasterClass.

2A: Coursera

   Coursera is an online platform that gives you tokens of achievement from certifications of completion to full-blown degrees and job searches. Whilst most courses are free after subscribing to Coursera Plus, most of the degrees will cost you money but are replicas of actual college degrees in the form of complete online learning. 

    Certifications and Professional Certifications alongside the degrees and job searches are just a small part of what makes Coursera great. For example, they have some of the best colleges in the nation on their site: Yale, Stanford, UChicago, and many more! They also have professional companies who help to teach others in hopes of recruiting interested workers. These include but are not limited to Meta and Google. 

    Coursera is decently cheap, accessing most of the content regarding normal classes for a mere fourty-five dollars a month. To give you context, most programs only last about a month and even specializations don’t carry on for longer than 6-8 months at the maximum granted you do all your schoolwork.

    In addition, it allows you to time your schedule perfectly. You can pushback any late assignments you have in case you get stuck due to personal or academic issues. Finally, there’s communities and thousands upon thousands of courses you can drop and add to your workload. Coursera is an incredibly useful website for self improvement; my first piece of advice would be to sign up for The Science of Well Being: incredible course with an excellent instructor on the real ways to be happy in our life. 

2B: Skillshare

    I’m sure we’ve all seen those Skillshare ads on YouTube from our favorite influencer enough times for it to be permanently ingrained in our heads. There’s a good reason for it. Skillshare teaches it’s users vital skills you can’t find anywhere else. College education and highschool education won’t give you the practical skills Skillshare can. The teachers are certified, and the content is amazing. If you haven’t already signed up for skillshare after the hundreds of youtube videos about it, then here’s your shot. Sign up today at

3. YouTube

Surprisingly, YouTube, a platform with enough distractions to keep you entertained for life, has an insane amount of productive content. From videos teaching you to fix your car, to learning an entire different language, YouTube has some of the best content out there. Also, the video format makes the information really easy to learn and understand.

While YouTube has a huge amount of productive content, be warned. Browsing YouTube is very hard to do productively. YouTube has amazing content, don’t get me wrong. However, they also have a lot of distracting videos. If you know that when you hop on YouTube, you won’t be able to stop yourself, then maybe consider another option from this list.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are very educational. Experts in each field tell us their secrets for hours and hours as we listen in closely. Podcasts are great for educational purposes. They’re easy to listen to. You can listen to them in the car, at school, nearly anywhere. While you’re at it, make sure to be on the lookout for our upcoming podcast, “What’s Good?”. Our podcast will mainly cover a debate format. We usually host around 6-8 guests per episode. We ask an interesting question, and we debate it. However, be warned; me and my team tend to get very edgy at times. If that’s not your style, totally cool, but try giving us a watch anyways and see what you think!

There are so many podcasts to choose from. Fitness podcasts are educational and provide tons of resources for you to explore. Motivational podcasts offer different ways of handling life when everything just gets a bit overwhelming. Crime podcasts give us tons of psychological facts and tricks. The variety of content in Podcasts is what makes them an incredible tool for furthering your education

5. Passion Projects

This topic requires way more work than the others. However, if you do it right, this one is by far the most effective. Passion projects usually include activities such as blogging, personal training, coaching, and much more. This can be really hard to do at times. You’re unmotivated, lazy, and unsure of what you want to do. However, this is a self-help blog, isn’t it? You came to improve your life, and that’s what you’re going to do.

Passion projects usually cause us to feel motivated. We want to do our best when it’s a topic we care about. Sure, learning and studying can be effective. However, where you’re really going to put your attention is in what you love. You’ll do tons of research involving GoogleScholar, different science websites, and more. You don’t become a genius by becoming a Jack of All Trades. You become a genius by finding what you love and pursuing it to the max.


It can be hard to commit to a passion project. Because of this, here’s a couple of tips to help you in your pursuit of knowledge:

  • Join A Community: If you’re a blogger, consider joining a blogging community. If you’re a fitness influencer, try out forum posts. A community will help to keep you engaged and prepared for any issues that might happen.
  • Good Environments: Ever notice how hard it is to get work done in a messy room? That happens for a reason. Set up a consistent setup for your project and maintain that spot.
  • Good Meals: You can’t focus if you don’t have a full and healthy stomach. Don’t worry though, I’ve got just the thing for you:
  • Invest Money: If you want to truly commit yourself to a project, you need to risk a little first. Be willing to put down a significant amount of money, in your eyes, and work towards your goals.
  • Have Fun: If you’re not having fun with a passion project, then it’s not your passion. It’s busy work. You’re not going to dedicate yourself if you aren’t enjoying what you do to any degree. Therefore, try to enjoy the content you make. If you can’t, try a different project.


Education is beautiful. With so many different platforms, becoming a genius is easier than it’s ever been. Although we only discussed five platforms, there are so many different opportunities for education out there. Some of them can even be used to promote your knowledge, such as passion projects and podcasts. I hope you enjoyed this post, and be on the lookout for the next one!

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