Black And Red Pill Culture, Amazing or Idiotic?

Black and Red Pill Culture

Black and Red Pill societies have dominated self-improvement and self-help culture for a while. However, what do these black and red pill societies actually do? Are they helpful? Are they harmful? Read more to find out!


If you’re currently reading this blog, you’ve probably heard of the black and red pill. Aimed at improving people’s lives by helping them “see past the matrix,” these pills have amassed an almost cult-like following that swears by their communities seemingly with their own life.

    However, as a self-improvement blog, I think it’s important to review what other content says about self-improvement. So, in this Product Review, we’ll take a lighthearted jab or a positive outlook into recent self-improvement trends and recommend or advise against specific directions.

1. The Black Pill:

    Black Pill: Let’s start with the so-called pill with the more severe problems out of the two. First, let’s give a basic rundown of the black pill. The black pill states that certain parts of our attraction can never be controlled. Insanely attractive people are primarily beautiful due to their genetics and no outside factors. Thus, the opposite is also true; people who aren’t attractive can never escape this conundrum. 

    In addition, the black pill considers things like exercise, hard work, self-care, beauty products, and many other things you could use to improve yourself as utterly meaningless as, in the long run, they won’t do much to fix your “genetic deformities.” So, besides a couple other minute details, this is essentially what the black pill is all about. 

    In essence, it’s easy to see why this pill is disproven easily. In addition, this pill doesn’t belong in the self-help category yet is still majorly associated with it. Why is this? For starters, the pill encourages users to give up hope.

1A: Black Pill Critiques 

   Hope is one of the most beautiful things humans have. Let’s discuss placebos to give you context on the significance of hope. Just by tricking your brain into believing, or hoping, that a particular medication or steroid will work on you, it actually manages to happen! 

    In addition, giving up hope rarely works to help us improve ourselves. Instead, giving up hope is merely a way to cope with the possible pain we may receive if we expect specific results that end up not coming to fruition. Think about it. When was the last time you’ve ever seen someone majorly improve their life after giving up? Never, that’s when. 


    Disproving the black pill can be as easy as merely looking at every single successful person on Earth to date. Every single one of them had a dream, a sparkle that refused to die and granted a lot of work to become some of the most celebrated people on this planet. Plus, looking at impoverished countries, you’ll see many of them that, in fact, contain many different stories of hope and triumph. For example, take this quote from a person who had everything going against him and still overcame a society that pushed against him as hard as it could: Martin Luther King Jr. 

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

    Many “black-pillers” might respond to that argument by saying it has nothing to do with the topic. However, I beg to differ. Like the people that the black pill discusses, Martin Luther King Jr. and his fellow man were discriminated off of genetics. Even though there was nothing wrong with them, they were heavily discriminated against. They fought against a society that wouldn’t let them maintain their rights. In the modern era, those born with worse genetics must fight to stay in the loop.

    Never give up hope, as it can be one of the most potent attributes we have as human beings. Fight against what you find corrupt, and never let anyone tell you that it is impossible. Now, we will be discussing a group that takes this line a little too far, to say the least. 

2. The Red Pill:

    While being better than the black pill, the red pill has its own problems, which are incredibly misleading and influential if fallen into the wrong hands. Before we get into the cons of the pill, however, let’s first discuss its background.

    The red pill states that most men want four things in this world: money, girls, brotherhood, and freedom. The red pill argues that these goals are getting harder to reach each day; thus, every male must try and improve themselves mentally and physically to achieve these four goals. 


    For finance, they must become hard workers who can set up side hustles and be competitive in their business. A busy man must always be prepared to charge for what he is good at and at a suitable price. Always have several sources of income and never get boggled down to a 9-5 job. 


    For girls, the red pill argues many things. First, you must improve yourself physically and mentally before approaching anyone. Then, you must improve your social skills to attract women more easily. Finally, you must attract females at your current level of social improvement and find a wife with whom you can reproduce and support alongside your future children. 


    For brotherhood, many concepts above regarding girls are used; however, they have slight variations. You should always try to surround yourself with a healthy and positive environment when meeting new friends. Cut off anyone toxic to you or who gets in the way of your ultimate goal of self-improvement. Finally, develop better social skills to have more meaningful and deep connections alongside your friends. 


    Finally, the last topic, freedom, has a lot of implications. Financial independence, in which you stop entertaining the current 9-5 job and instead work on becoming your own entrepreneur. Mental freedom is where you free yourself from social media’s constraints and allow yourself to truly become aware of your mental health through meditation and self-reflection. Finally, your body becomes the best possible with physical freedom through hard work and determination.

    These all sound quite amazing at first, don’t they? Well, that’s the appeal of the red pill; it’s everything you could have ever dreamed of. You wanted to be that star jock you always saw in the movies? Easy; you can become them with hard work and a dream. However, problems definitely exist in this cult-like following, and many of them. 

2A: Red Pill Critique

    The problem with the red pill mainly lies in four main factors, which is funny considering its four main goals and the parallelism reflected in that. These are objectification, idolization, selfishness, and internal conflict. So, let’s break them down separately so we can get a full overhead view of the situation and diffuse it from above. 


    Objectification: Weirdly enough, the red pill often suffers from a complete and utter objectification of women by stereotyping them into a single heap and saying that “most women like this.” I could guarantee you that if a woman went online parading how most men play halo and watch Hulu all day, the reception would not be pleasant, to say the least. 

    In addition, these cult followings often objectify the men who actually set out to improve themselves in the first place. They were regarded as incels, losers, and atrocities because they had a life that wasn’t as privileged as the person speaking. The problem with these cults of pills is the complete lack of empathy or consideration for any members attempting to improve their lives. While I understand the approach of harshness to overcome a difficult obstacle, it is certainly not the method that should be used with their targeted audience: people who are at their lowest.


    Idolization: A problem that often surrounds these red pill cults is the complete and under the fascination of the ruler. Take famous figures such as Sneako and Andrew Tate. Each of these men is absolutely adored by their fan base to the point where they value these men’s opinions more than their own. As a result, they let their ideas sink into their own notions of the world and quickly become carbon copies of the men who lead their cult. 

    Idolization is a problem mainly because it causes the people who idolize their ruler to lose their own personal identity. They emulate their ruler almost to a tee and practically lose any sense of any opinion or notion on topics they would’ve differed on beforehand. One of the most beautiful parts of civilization is the differences that exist between each and every one of us. Imagine each of our souls being completely stripped away and replaced with just the same person repeatedly. Our society would collapse in on itself. 

    Finally, idolization is a significant problem because it negates all criticism thrown toward the leader of the “pill” cult. All humans are capable of fault. However, in these red-pill communities, the leaders are almost worshipped as incapable of sin. Either that or their previous sin is marked underneath the rug as if nothing ever happened. This allows these cult leaders to gain more unchecked power and influence despite their possible malevolent intentions. 


    Selfishness: While I understand this “pill” is mainly for self-improvement, it seems to significantly affect a person’s ego and empathy. They become entirely enticed with themselves and are encouraged to do so, leaving room for little to no people in their life that can disturb their work. This is dangerous for many reasons, including neglecting loved ones in times of need, missing out on important events in your life, not pursuing newer and better opportunities, and so much more. 

    These pill cultures focus entirely on the self as a form of self-improvement when that’s not how self-improvement should be handled. While self-reflection is critical, your impact on others is near if not equal to your effect on yourself. While they talk about brethren and the value of loved ones and family, they advise cutting off these people in your life due to the slightest of criticism when in reality, your brethren may just be trying to help you realize a perspective you hadn’t yet seen. The echo chamber of selfishness that runs throughout these cults of “red pills” can be incredibly dangerous and unwise if used too often. 

Internal Conflict

    Internal Conflict: You didn’t deserve to eat that dessert today. You didn’t work hard enough today. You’ll never be enough to ask that girl out. You can try all you want, but you’ll never be worth more than you currently are. For the average person, this sounds bat%#$* insane. For the average “red piller,” this is merely an issue of “not enough determination.”

    These echo chamber cults can often force many uncomfortable with the idea to entirely doubt themselves and their identity. They begin to question who they are as a person, their interests, and what makes them unique and special from every other person. The beauty in that person is now being shut down by the body that once loved and embraced them in pursuit of a so-called better life that most who attempt it never seem to enjoy following a couple of years. Everyone is beautiful, yet these echo chamber communities cause everyone different from them to conform to their beliefs or be outcasted entirely.

3: If not the pill communities, then what do I follow?

    So many different self-improvement sites, blogs, podcasts, and courses can benefit you far more than these “experts.” After all, you’re reading one right now, *wink, wink*. Even if my content doesn’t meet your needs, which it should, it’s simply incredible; just do a simple google search for “how to improve my life” and avoid the extremist sites until you find some decent advice. 

    There are so many ways to improve yourself in this world. However, losing hope and blaming everything on genetics or idolizing cult leaders and objectifying women is not the way to go around it. The fact is self-improvement mainly revolves around one point,

“Are you and the people you impact in your life happy or happier because of your actions?”

    If the answer to this is yes, then keep doing what you’re doing and adapt when necessary. If not, maybe it’s time to implement some improvements in your life. Luckily, I’m always glad to help. Bye for now, and be on the lookout for my next post! 

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