Safety for All
Feeling unsafe in your environment? Always felt like an outcast in your own home? We built LifeSaver as a dedicated platform built for your safety and comfort. No matter who you are, we fully accept all and give mental health info to anyone who needs it.
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Mastering Physical and Mental Health

By mastering the combination of mental and physical health, and fully accepting our body as it is, we can truly find peace in a world that never seems to give it.

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We are the best self help hub out there. From inclusiveness to physical health, we give you all the tools you need to overcome and accept your situation

We strive for a more positive, loving, and genuine community. We hope to one day make mental health a common issue, and not as stigmatized and dehumanizing as it is today. 

We make free and paid health plans, mental health journals, and outreaches to anyone you may need to contact

Mental health seems to be the only thing that defines us. Our skin, color, mental health, and sexuality make us statistics rather than humans, Our goal here is to destroy these stereotypes, and bring a more loving and careful world. 

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The 3 Step Process Towards Acceptance , Health , Healing , Comfort , Embracement
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Hi there, 

My name is Kai Mohammad and I’m a POC calisthenics athlete that has been on his own journey of acceptance for far too long, and wants to share it with world. 

Kai Mohammad
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